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We have developed a plug-and-play digital insurance solution for iptiQ, a new unit of Swiss Re Capital. This solution includes an insurance engine and partnerships with trusted companies to sell insurance. It provides a framework that supports multiple brands, products, and journeys, allowing for the onboarding of different distribution partners.

In today's digitally-enabled world, customers are seeking flexible products, self-service options, and less bureaucracy. Automation can greatly improve efficiency for insurance companies. However, designing a white-label solution presented challenges, as trust, which is foundational in the insurance industry, cannot be created from a template. Building trust requires a unique and difficult-to-replicate relationship, especially when designing a digital product that allows for self-management of risk against damage or loss.

To better understand the relationship of trust between insurance companies and consumers, we investigated "first consultations," "renewals," and "claims." We spoke with 10 agents and conducted interviews with recent buyers to understand their needs when purchasing new coverage. Based on our research, we identified our main target user and established three design principles for the "Becoming a client" topic.

We have designed a journey that guides potential customers towards a clear, promising, and personalized experience. Through a more conversational user interface and a dynamic questionnaire, we offer a human-like digital experience that enhances transparency. Trust is built by tailoring coverage to specific life moments, pre-filling data from the iptiQ partnership, and providing recommendations. Ultimately, the onboarding process helps users understand what it means to be a client and fosters a sense of trust.