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Zurich, GMT+1
IKEA Switzerland Research and conceptualize a more inspirational online shopping experience Concept design Design Lead E-commerce Ginetta AG

IKEA aims to be the preferred choice for home furnishing products and solutions, creating a better everyday life for many people. We were tasked with developing a concept for the future homepage to provide a more inspiring online experience for visitors.

IKEA Switzerland team approached us to create a concept that would encourage more frequent visits and establish its website as the go-to destination in Switzerland for home furnishing solutions and accessories. One of the main challenges was translating their success into the digital realm: how they could persuade visitors to make more frequent purchases from by showcasing a unique and new product range?

Working alongside a UX Researcher, we analyzed analytics and conducted interviews with 5 participants. We observed that people tended to use the main navigation or search bar without scrolling due to uninteresting content and a cluttered page that lacked guidance. Additionally, we discovered that Swiss people sought inspiration from sources such as Google image search, interior magazines, blog posts, and Pinterest. To address the lack of inspiration, commercialism, and personality, we conducted several ideation workshops with the design team and the IKEA team.

Through the redesign of the homepage, we restructured the information hierarchy and implemented larger and more visually appealing images. By improving the categorization of products, we made navigation easier, and we enhanced the search feature to facilitate product discovery.