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To address productivity challenges and ensure smooth integration with existing client processes, we have been tasked with redesigning the Hilti asset management software ON!Track. The goal is to provide three pillars of value to the customer: efficiency, asset productivity, and compliance with regulations.

The ON!Track system is a solution that allows various parties to interact with and manage tools in a fast and simple way, improving internal processes and daily work. Designing the system holistically and considering solutions based on workflows and devices was a challenge, as we had to work on various use cases involving different stakeholders. Additionally, we were required to align the design with branding and upcoming interface guidelines.

Our approach involved organizing our work by topics rather than platforms. We conducted interviews mixed with usability tests to gain a better understanding of the needs of the people in the field, as they are the ultimate adopters of the system.

With ON!Track equipment management for the construction industry, you can easily track your equipment, know its location, and identify the users. The system also alerts you when tools require maintenance or calibration, and notifies you in advance when training or certification renewal is needed. This critical information allows you to efficiently track tools, and manage job site equipment, consumables, and other assets, ensuring that your work stays on track, profitable, and fully compliant.