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Our primary focus wasn't merely on improving item findability but also on crafting an aesthetic that seamlessly merged functionality with visual allure considering different viewports. The process began with an in-depth analysis of user behavior and preferences. We conducted extensive research, studying user interactions, collecting feedback, and identifying areas for improvement. This phase laid the groundwork for our redesign strategy. Our foremost goal was to streamline the process of finding items. Implementing intuitive categorization, predictive search features, and smart filters significantly enhanced the findability of items, making navigation effortless for users.

Beyond functionality, we invested in elevating the visual appeal of the menu and search interface. Aesthetic refinement, incorporating elegant typography and image frames was pivotal in creating a visually captivating experience. To breathe life into the design, we integrated subtle and sophisticated animations. These animations not only added flair but also served a purpose by guiding users' attention and providing delightful interactions, enhancing the overall user journey.